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Annual Grant Program

Our Annual Grant Program is designed to elevate the overall patient and staff experience at BAMC by addressing requests for items or services that go beyond the usual hospital funding. Through year-round fundraising efforts, we secure the necessary resources to fund department grants, covering a spectrum of needs. These grants can encompass anything from fulfilling clothing requests for trauma or burn patients to providing essential training materials and medical equipment.


Your support throughout the year makes these grants possible, directly contributing to the improvement of care and services at BAMC.

The BAMC Auxiliary Welfare Grant has allowed our program to touch the hearts of and inspire healing in patients as well as staff. Our therapy dog trading cards are given to patients and, and they serve to boost patient's spirits as well as boost staff morale. The grant has also allowed us to have a presence at BAMC events by providing a canopy as well as other necessary equipment. We are overjoyed and greatly appreciative of the hard work of the BAMC Auxiliary Team.

BAMC Therapy Dogs

2022-23 Grant Recipients

Last year, the BAMC Auxiliary was able to give over $30,000 back to the hospital through our grant program, enriching the patient and staff experience for 22 hospital departments! Some examples of awarded items were charging stations for the Radiology waiting room, headphones that play calming music to help patients before surgery, and tablets for the Ophthalmology and OB/Gyn departments to enhance patient education and efficiency. We provided the Occupational Therapy department with $2,000 worth of testing kits and supplies that staff had previously been purchasing with their own money, removing some of the burden and allowing the providers to focus on providing care and services to our beloved service members and their families. Additionally, we gave $3,000 worth of supplies to the Department of Behavioral Health that will benefit over 250 patients seen each year! 

Ongoing needs and projects

Although we strive to fulfill all grant requests, there are instances where we can only provide partial funding or accommodate requests outside our standard grant application cycle. Even if the initial request cannot be fully met, we are dedicated to promptly addressing and fulfilling these needs as best as possible. 

Interested in partnering with us to fulfill these ongoing needs?

Please email our grants chair at

Surgical Oncology Department
Breast cancer handbooks are an educational tool given to patients newly diagnosed with breast cancer. They serve as a comprehensive guide to this life-altering diagnosis. We are still in need of 150 handbooks

Amount to fulfill this grant annually: $2,300  or individual books are $25

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