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Our Mission

The Auxiliary's mission is to enrich the patient experience for our military community and its civilian patient population through service projects, special morale-boosting programs, and annual welfare grants. 


The foundation of our grant program is dedicated to improving patient care by addressing needs that exceed the scope of typical hospital funding. Our service projects not only benefit BAMC but also serve as community-building initiatives for our members. Additionally, morale events play a crucial role in acknowledging the dedication of our military providers and staff. 

Our Team

The Auxiliary Board consists entirely of dedicated volunteers who generously contribute their time and talents to further the Auxiliary's mission.

Our membership includes Active Duty Spouses, Retiree Spouses, and individuals connected to the Department of Defense. Throughout the year, this diverse group collaborates as a team to raise funds for our Grant Program, honor our Military providers at BAMC through Morale Appreciation Days, and, most importantly, perpetuate the Auxiliary's legacy of supporting BAMC through partnership.

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"Being a part of the Auxiliary means making a meaningful impact for patients and staff, supporting my spouse's workplace, and making great friends while giving back."

- Sarah Krell, BAMC Auxiliary President

Our History

Established in 1953, the BAMC Auxiliary marks seven decades of collaboration with Brooke Army Medical Center, dedicated to assisting patients and supporting staff through our Annual Grant Program, service projects, and morale-boosting events. Originating as a spouses club, the BAMC Auxiliary has evolved into a registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Today the BAMC Auxiliary hosts monthly events and service projects, to foster camaraderie and provide support for military families, all while making meaningful contributions to BAMC.


Our Crest

The Yellow Rose of Texas holds significance as a representation of joy, friendship, warmth, and caring.

The Rose emblem embodies values of security, compassion, and service. Portraying a person enveloped in rose petals to signify our commitment to supporting military members, retirees, and their families.

The Leaf is crafted with stripes, symbolizing the stripes of the

American flag.

The Outer Frame is encased with the outline of the Alamo, serving as a symbol of the City of San Antonio.

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